Guardian Restoration of Spokane - Q&A 

Water can cause additional damage to a property the longer it sits. It can saturate and deteriorate possessions and building materials, and lead to mold growth. Acting fast is imperative when it comes to water damage. Learn about our Water Damage Repair
The first thing we do for our Water Restoration Process is clean up all standing water that is still present in the property. Next, we assess the damage. We determine what can be salvaged and what needs to be disposed of, then make sure the area is dried and dehumidified. Staying ahead of mold growth is something we prioritize with water damage restoration.
While common signs of water damage include stains on the walls and ceiling, puddles on the floor, and visible mold growth, hidden leaks aren’t as obvious and may go unnoticed for a long time. Be on the lookout for a lingering musty smell, sounds of running water, and an unexplained increase in your water bills.
Part of our assessment process includes creating an inventory of each item that we recover from the scene. From there, we assess each item’s condition and decide what can be restored and what must be disposed of. Everything will be accounted for and documented.
Yes. Even Smoke Damage that has been thoroughly cleaned can cause odors long after remediation. Odors are usually conjured out of affected areas when the atmosphere is warm or damp. Guardian Restoration of Spokane will ensure that any and all affected areas of the home or commercial property are properly restored to avoid long-lasting odors. Thermal fogging, a chemical treatment that should be handled by a restoration professional like Guardian Restoration of Spokane, is one of the many tools that can be utilized to restore your property to its previous state before the smoke damage.
While very minor smoke damage can be cured with common household products, smoke damage remediation should be left to the professionals. If not handled properly, smoke damage can smudge into walls, wallpaper, carpeting, even change the consistency of plaster in your home or office. Guardian Restoration of Spokane's certified technicians will ensure that remediation is done efficiently and properly.
We are certified to handle substances like asbestos and lead based on our training. We will ensure the asbestos or lead is fuly removed from your home or commercial space.
Mold and mildew are in the same family of fungi. The difference is that mold must be professionally remediated to fully remove it from your property, while mildew can simply be wiped away. Mold spreads easily and can be dangerous to your health, so expert assistance is always recommended.
Mold can begin to develop in as little as 24 hours, then spread to multiple parts of your home. It’s imperative to stay on top of mold and call for remediation as soon as it’s spotted.
Initially, mold causes an allergy-like reaction in most people. They’ll experience itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing, a runny nose, and other similar symptoms. With long-term mold exposure, people may experience headaches, fatigue, and other chronic illness.
This will depend on the scope of damage, layout of your home, and your comfort level. This is a discussion that you should have with your restoration contractor and your insurance company. Some things to consider: Does your policy provide off-site housing? What rooms did the damage affect? fi the kitchen or the only bathroom with a shower is out of commission, you will want to make other arrangements for housing. Is it worth the potential hassle to stay at the house? There will be a lot of activity in the house during the cleanup and restoration process, equipment running, chemical applications, privacy issues, etc.
This obviously depends on the size and scope of your loss, but it can range from 10 – 20 days for small kitchen fires to 4-6 months for larger events. We ask for your patience at the beginning of the process while the loss is evaluated by various interested parties. Quite often, fire scenes are locked down by local authorities until they have completed their investigation and documentation. Your insurance company will also want to see the damage first-hand, and sometimes they have their own separate investigation to determine causation and review your policy to determine coverage. Finally, it is often required for our initial estimates to be reviewed and approved by your insurance company prior to work commencing (although we will push to get initial steps approved ASAP). Once we get the green light we will go over our work plan with you and provide you with target dates for each major step in the restoration.
Every property owner will want to start the restoration process and do everything they can themselves to make it more efficient. But any effort in using household cleaning agents of any kind can actually worsen the damage as it can cause the residue to smear and seep further into the affected material. It’s best to wait for the restoration technicians to arrive. They have the proper equipment, products, and resources to safely restore your building materials and items. One thing you can do to aid the restoration process is set items aside that must be restored first, such as electronics. This allows us to be more efficient during the recovery process.