Guardian Restoration's Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

Waiting to take pre-emptive measures to reduce the possibility of fires in your home or commercial office may lead to damages that cannot be fixed in the future. It is important to do everything you can to prevent fires from happening in your home or commercial space. Learn more about Guardian Restoration's helpful methods to reduce the likelihood of a Fire. 

Preventing Fire Damage

  • Smoke Alarms - Check your fire alarms once a month or two to make sure batteries and alarms are running correctly. 
  • Children - It is very important to educate children on dangerous appliances/areas in your home or office and kids should be monitored when around these areas. 
  • Cigarettes - smoking inside can already cause major structural damages. When a cigarette bud is not extinguished, flames/ash may catch on to other flammable items and begin to spread. Never smoke inside and always completely extinguish any ashes. 
  • Open Flames - Fireplaces and burning candles are some of the common open flames that cause fires. Always double or triple check fireplaces, flame stoves and candles to not leave burning unattended. 
  • Portable Heaters - Most portable heaters require airflow through a vent. When a vent is blocked or uncleaned, this can cause heat and dust buildup, causing your heater to malfunction and can eventually cause fires. Always check vents for good airflow. 

Have a Fire Safety Plan

It is extremely important (not just for insurance purposes) to have an emergency plan for your home and usually required for your commercial property. When a fire is engulfing your building with smoke and flames, you have very limited time to evacuate and the longer you wait, the more damaging the fire becomes.

When you have a Fire Safety Plan, you put your family and mind at ease, knowing you have a trusted back-up plan ideal for safety! 

Some items of a Safety Plan include: Floor-plans of Building for escape routes, effective smoke alarms, routine fire drills and necessary fire equipment (extinguishers, glass-breakers, etc.) and more! Learn more about Fire Safety precautions by getting in touch!

Guardian's Professional Customer Service

Call Guardian Restoration at (509) 891-5301. We will handle your emergency fire damage and disaster clean up repairs promptly and professionally to your satisfaction and peace of mind. Our services are backed by our Guardian Restoration Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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